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Joomla is a great platform to create and run your corporate or personal websites on, particularily when you partner with SEO Joomla.  Our Joomla search engine optimization specialists can assist you in addressing these well documented Joomla problems, ensuring that your website attracts the attention it deserves and converts your visitors into clients.

Why do I need Joomla SEO?

Why do I need Joomla Search engine optimizationJoomla, a popular content management system, was developed to allow the user to easily create and update pages, without any website design knowledge and it does that very well.  Unfortunately, the Joomla development team was less focused on SEO, and without our assistance, Joomla does not create search engine friendly websites. Below are a few of the many problems that need addressing on all Joomla websites by your Joomla search engine optimization specialists.

  • Joomla titles are not search engine friendly. Instead of using h1 or h2 tags to bracket titles, Joomla uses an obscure class which is great for Joomla, but bad for you, and for your website goals.
  • As the title metatag is generated by Joomla's article title, most of your title tags will be missing important keywords.
  • Changing article metatags has to be done manually. You need to open your article, change the tags, close the article and repeat the process for each and every article on your website. That’s a long-winded process that could keep you busy for weeks.

If you would like to have SEO Joomla take a look at your website from an SEO point of view, let us perform a free SEO review on your website and establish why your website is not ranking in the search engines.

What About Joomla SEO and Site Security?

Joomla Search engine optimization and website securityAs I am sure you are aware, the more visitors that find your website, the greater the risk that it will be compromised.  As part of our service, we beef up the security of your Joomla website, preventing unwanted guests from hacking in.  According to a 2011 report by White Hat Security, breaches are at an all time high, with most websites being exposed to at least one serious threat every day.

Joomla SEO - Signed, Sealed and Delivered

Joomla Search engine optimization benefitsHaving tested the numerous Joomla seach engine optimization fixes and plugins for Joomla, SEO Joomla knows how to change your Joomla website into a search engine friendly website, that performs in Google and the other search engines and generates more business leads, clients and sales.  Climb the search engine results pages quickly and easily, with the minimum of effort, with one of our SEO campaigns and spend your valauble time creating your web content while SEO Joomla brings you the targeted traffic you need.

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